Records Unit

General Information

The Records Unit is responsible for organizing case files prepared by deputies in the Law Enforcement Bureau. Case reports are prepared from electronic submissions by deputies and prepared for transmittal to the District Attorney or other agencies for prosecution or further investigation. This Unit also maintains the files of case reports and other criminal justice data and processes the release of case reports to authorized individuals.

We accept payments for records requests and ticket payments at the Office of the Sheriff (27 E. Vermijo Ave), from 7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday (closed on federal holidays).


The fee for researching, retrieving and, if necessary, redacting requested information, shall be:
Board of County Commissioners, Sheriff, Department or Division Research and Retrieval One hour or less $0
Greater than one hour $33.58/hr
Elected Official or Appointed Official As determined by Elected or Appointed Official or Statute

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