Detention Investigations Team

Detention Investigations Team

The El Paso County Jail has its own Detention Investigations Team.  The Team consists of two full-time members and several part-time members.  Team members conduct and assist in investigations of criminal activity within the facility, crimes technically occurring outside the facility but with ties to incarcerated inmates (such as restraining order violations by telephone or through inmate mail), and major incidents, such as in-custody deaths and suicide attempts.  The Team also conducts pre-employment background checks for internal and contract employees, DNA collection for convicted felons, sex offender registrations for inmates required by law to register who are currently housed at the jail, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) investigations, and a number of other tasks.  They work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies all over Colorado and beyond, as well as maintaining a working relationship with our own gang experts and others from around the state and country for the exchange of often-critical gang intelligence.


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