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Reserve Section

Reserve Deputy Recruiting / Interest

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is continually seeking quality candidates to join our Reserve Deputy Program.  Being a Reserve Deputy Sheriff is among the most rewarding volunteer opportunities available in the law enforcement or public service fields.   If you think you might be a good fit, or know of a family member or friend who might be interested, please take a moment to review/share the information below. 

If you have additional questions or would like to speak to an active member of the Reserve Program, please e-mail us at [email protected] 

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Reserve Section was first organized as the Sheriff's Posse in 1953.  The Reserve Section is composed of highly trained, community minded volunteers that are trained by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Law Enforcement and Detention Operations.

The Reserves must meet the same criteria for appointment as full-time deputies and must complete the same level of testing and training. Applications are accepted year-round, but applicant processing is coordinated with the full-time hiring processes.

Following appointment, Reserves are scheduled to attend a Basic Reserve Law Enforcement Academy as required by Police Officers Standards and Training (POST). Upon completion of the required training, Reserve Deputies are sworn and placed in the Reserve Certification Program, which is an "on-the-job" field training program that is modified to accommodate personal work schedules.

Law Enforcement Bureau Support:  Reserve Deputies with proper training, certification and direction, as required by statute and policy are allowed to augment the Patrol Division by participating in the following duties:

  • Working as a solo Patrol Deputy or with a partner
  • Conduct traffic enforcement
  • Provide traffic and crowd control at special events
  • Assist in warrant sweeps
  • Assist in high profile interdiction activities
  • Are a ready reserve force for any contingency

On average, the Reserve Section consists of 25 to 30 active Reserve Members with five of the senior or more experienced members designated as Reserve Training Officers.

Detention Bureau Support:  Reserve Deputies with the proper training, certification and direction, as required by statute and policy are allowed to augment the Detention Bureau by participating in the following duties:

  • Working in the Housing Wards at CJC
  • Working in Intake Release
  • Working in Court Services
  • Providing supervision for inmate work crews
  • Assist in Shakedowns

All Reserve members are expected to commit at least 192 hours annually towards the operations of the Sheriff's Office, including attendance at a monthly meeting and training session which is generally held the first Wednesday evening of each month.  The Sheriff's Office provides handguns, ballistic vests, initial uniform and leather gear.  To help defray subsequent uniform costs, those Reserve members who meet requirements as set by Sheriff’s Office Policy are eligible for an annual uniform allowance after one year of service.

Contact Information

Reserve Deputy Application

Active recruiting is done to coincide with the next planned Reserve Academy.  Click on this link to check the El Paso County Current Job Openings.  Search for “Reserve Deputy”.  Note: These are non-paid, volunteer positions.

If there is not an active job posting you can express your interest by sending an email to [email protected] requesting to be notified when openings are posted for the next Reserve Academy. 


What is the current staffing for the Reserve Section?

EPSO Reserve Section fluctuates between 25 and 30 members.  This number changes often as people’s lives affect their availability for volunteer service.  We would like to double this number.

What are the duties of Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s?

Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s serve without compensation along side our paid counterparts in every aspect of the duties of this Office.  Reserve Deputies serve in Patrol, Detentions, Special Operations, disaster response and community events.  Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s are sworn law enforcement officers and have arrest powers while on duty.

What are the requirements to apply?

The Reserves must meet the same standards for appointment as full-time deputies and must complete the same level of testing and background checks. Applicants will complete a written test, an oral board, a thorough background investigation and CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis). Additionally, Reserve applicants must pass a physical exam and a mental evaluation.

What are the training requirements?

Once accepted, you will complete a demanding training academy of approximately 300 hours. This training is conducted evenings and weekends. This consists of classroom, firearms training, law enforcement drivers training, and arrest control tactics and procedures.

What is a POST Reserve Certification?

Reserve certification allows you to act as a reserve officer ONLY.  Reserve positions are voluntary and unpaid.  There is NO bridge academy to obtain full Basic Certification from a Reserve Certification. Completion of a full Basic academy is required to become a paid, certified officer.

What is a typical training academy schedule ?

The Reserve Academy is approximately 23 weeks.  Calendar days are dependent on working around holidays and venues for specific training; however, the class is typically held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 1800-2200 hours, and Saturday 0800 to 1700 hours.  Reserve Academy start dates are determined each year based on scheduling training resources and number of applicants.

Do I need to attend a Reserve Academy if I have an active POST certification?

All applicants must apply against an open job position and successfully complete the vetting process (application, test, backgrounds, CVSA, etc) before any prior POST certifications can be considered.    Applicants with an active POST certification from EPSO that are within one year of the day of resignation (or retirement) may opt out of attending a Reserve Academy.  Active Colorado POST certifications may be recognized at the discretion of the Sheriff.  Out of state or out of date POST certifications will not be considered.

How much does it cost me?

The Office provides most of the required equipment. Firearms, ammunition, body armor, Tasers, radios, leather gear, and two uniforms are provided by the Office.  With supervisor approval, replacement uniform items may be issued as needed in subsequent years through the quartermaster program.  Additionally, many volunteer related costs are tax deductible.

Once I graduate from the academy how much time do you require?

The Reserve Section minimum requirement is 16 hours/ month averaged annually. Additionally, you must qualify with your assigned weapons and meet annual training requirements. Members of this Section are expected to man a number of community events during the year and serve on an on call basis for the needs of the Office.

What if I get hurt?

Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s are protected by Colorado State Statute under Workmen’s Compensation Laws.

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