Jail Based Behavioral Health (JBBS)

Jail Based Behavioral Health (JBBS)

General Information

Since the 1990’s, recidivism rates and greater demands on our judicial system have kept jails and prisons overcrowded and searching for relief. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of our efforts to reduce our jail population and criminal recidivism, and to prepare offenders to reintegrate into the community as productive members of society.

Since the early 2000’s, the El Paso County Sheriffs Office has offered the jail inmate population different avenues for developing skills, managing emotions and reducing release/recidivism. One of these programs was the Reintegration and Recovery (R&R) program.  Until 2019 this program was offered to a small population of inmates who met a strict criteria.

In 2020, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office increased services through our Jail Based Behavioral Health Services, (JBBS) in order to expand services thought out the entire jail facility.   The current JBBS (formerly known as R&R) program offers substance abuse counseling, medication assisted therapy education and referrals, release planning, behavioral health counseling, and interim competency care to all incarcerated inmates.

To learn more about the Office of Behavioral Health’s state wide JBBS program please visit their website.


Goals of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office JBBS Program:

  • Provide drug/alcohol prevention and education programs to the jail inmate population
  • Provide emotion regulation skills and education to the jail inmate population
  • Provide interim mental health services to individuals who are awaiting placement at a state competency restoration facility
  • Assist coordinating care for inmates releasing back into community.  This includes providing location and contact information for community resources, making referrals and assist with scheduling appointments
  • Connect individuals at high risk for opiate overdose to Medication Assisted Therapy either prior to release or though community-based referrals and appointment scheduling
  • Develop collaborative relationships with community-based treatment and services providers

All inmates incarcerated at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center may receive services through the JBBS program.  The type, and duration of services may be impacted by housing, individual behavior restrictions and sentencing.  Anyone interested in JBBS services can send a kite through the inmate kiosk to JBBS or speak to a JBBS staff member. 

Family, friends or support representatives are welcome to contact the JBBS point of contact if they would like to refer an individual for services while incarcerated.  Please note, due to HIPPA and confidentiality of the individuals we serve, JBBS staff may not provide detailed information to any caller without proper documentation.

Contact Information
Laura Ridenour
Monthly Reports

July 2021


JBBS is now offering release planning assistance to anyone in the facility.  Any incarcerated individual can contact JBBS staff through the jail kiosk system or ask a JBBS staff member for assistance creating a plan for helping connect them to community based services once released.

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