Detention Bureau

Welcome to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau. Our goal in the Detention Bureau is to maintain a safe, secure environment at the Criminal Justice Center (CJC) and the Metro Work Release Facility (MWRF) for those incarcerated. We strive to provide opportunities for inmates to obtain the necessary discipline, skills and therapy through a multi-systemic approach including substance abuse and anger management programs, progressive/regressive classification system, and the Reintegration and Recovery Program, to successfully return to their communities once released.

CJC houses all individuals arrested on misdemeanor and felony charges by all law enforcement agencies in El Paso County. The inmates housed at CJC are pre-trial and/or sentenced to the El Paso County Jail or Department of Corrections. The overall average length of stay for inmates incarcerated in CJC is 27 days. Over 50% of the population in CJC is sentenced on or facing felony charges. CJC is also a contract holding facility for several state and federal agencies, to include Colorado State Parole, Military Installations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

The Detention Bureau is comprised of three components: Security, Operations and Compliance. The Security Division is responsible for housing and supervision of the 1500 plus inmates in CJC on a daily basis, as well as detention projects. The Operations Division encompasses the Intake and Inmate Services and Court Services Sections. The Intake and Inmate Services Section is responsible for the intake and release of inmates from the facilities, classification screening and placement, inmate court file maintenance, bookkeeping and warrant processing. The Court Services Section is responsible for the safe transport and security of all inmates at CJC to and from court. The Detention Compliance Section encompasses the Standards and Compliance and Facility and Offender Management Sections. The Accreditation Unit is responsible for maintaining accreditation through the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC), as well as maintaining policies and procedures that direct operations within the Detention Bureau. The Facility and Offender Management Section is responsible for alternative sentencing programs such as Work Release and the Reintegration and Recovery Program.

The Detention Bureau is a necessary and valuable component of the criminal justice system and El Paso County. We continuously strive to maintain a professional environment while maintaining the highest correctional standards in a state of the art facility. We hope that you find the information contained within this site informative.

General Information

The Detention Operations Division is responsible for operating two sections; Intake and Inmate Services as well as Court Services.

The mission of the Intake and Inmate Services Section is to ensure responsibilities are accomplished in accordance with accepted professional standards as prescribed in Colorado Revised Statue (C.R.S.) 17-26-103. In addition, the Section maintains required records and ensures accountability and security of inmate funds and property. During an inmate’s stay, all of the inmate’s records are maintained by this Section to include court updates, new charges, bond charges, work release fees, pre-trial services and any holds generated by other agencies.

The Inmate Services Unit is responsible for assigning a security classification to each inmate after being booked into the Criminal Justice Center (CJC). CJC contains several types of wards or cells. The Classification Unit considers various factors and safety of the inmate when determining an inmate's classification and placement; however, an inmate's classification can be changed even after being admitted. The Classification Unit is also responsible for the placement of inmates into the various internal programs such as the Trusty Program, the Reintegration Program and the Progressive and Regressive Housing Program.

Located in the Terry Harris Judicial Complex (courthouse), the Court Services Section is divided into two units; the Court Unit and the Transport Unit. The Court Unit is responsible for ensuring public safety as well as inmate safety while escorting inmates to the many courtrooms and providing security therein. Juveniles are also transported and escorted from the Spring Creek Detention Center to the appropriate courts. Additionally, this Unit is responsible for making arrests and processing any individuals remanded into the custody of the Sheriff from the court. In a timely, safe and secure manner, the Transport Unit moves inmates between the CJC and the courthouse. This Unit is additionally responsible for the transport of inmates throughout the State of Colorado to include the Department of Corrections and the many counties and cities in Colorado. Any local medical appointments or transports to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo are also accomplished by this Unit.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau, Security Division is comprised of a group of approximatley 283 dedicated men and women who are proud of their ability to ensure inmates are housed in a safe, secure and constitutionally sound manner.

The men and women of the Security Division provide vital services to an approximate daily average jail population of over 1,500 inmates.  The inmates are housed in one of 25 wards, 5 Female and 20 Male, within the Criminal Justice Center. Each ward houses between 27 and 94 inmates.  Deputies and Detention Specialists complete various security and welfare checks, housing inspections and remain diligent in their observations in order to ensure the safety and security of employees and inmates at the Criminal Justice Center.  Both sworn and civilian employees are ultimately responsible for maintaining custody and control over the ever increasing inmate population.  While the deputies are managing their wards by walking around and communicating with inmates without any bars or barriers separating them, Security Technicians are monitoring and recording every action with the assistance of a highly sophisticated video surveillance system.  Security Technicians are very instrumental in routinely preventing, observing and reporting suspicious and dangerous activity. 

The intricacies, operation and atmosphere created within the Criminal Justice Center have been compared to a small suburb within a major city.  All of the major components of physiological needs are represented.  Three healthy and balanced meals are provided daily to inmates, while honoring religious, dietary and medical needs.  All food preparation and laundry services are performed on site.  Inmates have access to some of the same resources as they are accustomed to outside of the facility.  Our on-site contracted medical provider is capable of performing most medical and dental procedures.  When inmates require more extensive or intricate care, they are transported to an appropriate medical facility.  They remain under the direct supervision of a deputy sheriff while they are out of the facility.     

The Sheriff’s Office is very supportive of the Visitation program and other programs that are provided to incarcerated inmates.  We understand and encourage inmates to maintain family ties during periods of incarceration and take advantage of the many community and rehabilitative programs we offer.  Some of the programs offered are: GED, Alcoholics Anonymous, yoga, anger management, basic math, Bible study, veteran services, Gateways through the Rockies and the Reintegration and Recovery Program; just to name a few.