Inmate Mail

Mail at the El Paso County Jail:

Personal incoming correspondence, to include pictures, needs to be sent to the EPSO's third party mail vendor, EarthClass, at the address below:

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
Inmate Full Name and Admit/Booking Number

P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

All personal incoming correspondence sent to an inmate must contain a legible full return address with a first and last name of the sender. It must also contain the legible full and correct inmate name and inmate number. EPSO's third party mail vendor cannot process any materials that are bound or open like a book, and all materials they receive which are bound will be rejected. Any correspondence (envelopes, post cards, etc.) bearing illegible writing will be returned to the sender. Upon arriving at their scanning facility, the mail will be opened and scanned into an electronic document. The electronic document will then be made available to the EPSO mailroom for review. If approved, the mail will be printed and delivered to the inmate by the facility mailroom. All personal incoming correspondence digitally sent to EPSO and approved, will be printed on 8 ½ by 11 paper. For best results, send mail no larger than 8 ½ by 11. If denied, the mail will not be provided to the inmate. The inmate will be notified of the mail rejection via a facility message. The sender will not be notified of the mail rejection. EPSO's third party mail vendor will retain the original mail for a period of 30 days and automatically return it to the sender.

All mail must be mailed to EPSO's third party mail vendor through the U.S. Postal Service, or similar delivery service. No mail is permitted to be “dropped off."

There are many reasons why we are strict in what is and is not allowed, and there are many policies and procedures that govern the way we process all incoming mail. There is no way to cover all possible situations, but listed below you will find basic rules. If followed, these rules will aid in your mail communication into this facility.

There are times when we have inmates with similar names; therefore you need to use the inmate’s full booking name and Admit Number (Not DOC Number) in the mailing address of all correspondence, money orders, and certified/cashier checks (no nick names, abbreviations, or initials). This includes any books or magazine orders that are sent in by the publisher or online distributor. If you need the inmate’s Admit Number/Booking Number, you can call or research the information on the website.

Be sure to place your return address in the upper left corner of the envelope or hand write or type it in the body of your letter. 

Inmate to Inmate correspondence is only approved for immediate family members. A copy of a Marriage License, Birth Certificates, or Finalized Adoption Papers must be mailed into the mailroom to verify the relationship of the inmates wishing to correspond. We do not accept anything over the counter. This facility does not recognize Common Law Marriage.

When online food packages are ordered for inmates, only the packages provided by the facility’s approved vendor using their iMy Care program at are allowed; no third party vendors are accepted. No food items will be accepted from any other source.

Inmates are allowed to receive International Mail. If the inmate has funds in their account, they can purchase postage stamps to write to an out of country address. Inmates that are indigent are only provided First Class Postage for correspondence within the United States or APO/FPO addresses.


Persons desiring to send Legal/Packages/Parcels/Government Issued Documents to an inmate at the El Paso County Jail will need to address the envelope as follows:

Inmate’s Full Booking Name & Admit Number/Booking Number
El Paso County Jail
2739 E. Las Vegas St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-1522

Things you are allowed to send in:​

  • Paperback books from a publisher or online distributor (Barnes &,, etc.), no blank journals are accepted, no more than 6 books are accepted, and none larger than 8.5 x 11 x 3 inches thick. All books must have a standard binding, no plastic, stickers, or wire spiral bindings are accepted. (Be sure that the publisher or online distributor understands to include an invoice that shows they are in fact an online source). Multiple copies of the same book are not allowed.
  • Magazines from the publisher or online distributor (Barnes &,, etc).
  • Prescription glasses directly from an ophthalmologist, no store-bought reading glasses are accepted.


Things you are not allowed to send:

  • Inmate to Inmate correspondence is prohibited unless approved.
  • Do not include any information about another inmate.
  • Hardcover books
  • Newspapers originating in Colorado



  • No pornographic/lewd photographs or drawings.
  • No nude photographs to include photographs of infants.
  • Photographs exceeding 4x6 inches in size will not be altered by staff members to meet the size guideline and will be rejected.  A maximum of ten (10) pictures is allowed.  A collage of pictures is allowed (each image in the collage counts toward the maximum 10 allowed pictures). 


Books and Magazines:

  • No books or magazines are accepted from a private individual or a bookstore street address.
  • No books or magazines are accepted if the contents are pornographic or lewd in nature.
  • No books or magazines are accepted that teach fighting/tactical skills, weapons manufacture, pornography, violence, gang related or relate to chemicals/drug materials.
  • No oversized books are accepted; maximum size is 8.5 x 11 x 3 inches thick.
  • No blank journals are accepted.
  • Do not forward magazines; these will not be accepted.
  • No multiple copies of the same book; all will be rejected if received.



Persons desiring to send funds to an inmate’s account at the El Paso County Jail (Cashier’s checks and money orders ONLY) will need to address the envelope as follows:

El Paso County Jail
Attn: Bookkeeping – Inmate Funds
2739 East. Las Vegas Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-1522

Any envelope containing correspondence and/or items other than Inmate Funds will be returned to sender in its entirety (to include the funds). ONLY the above department (bookkeeping) and address will accept inmate funds. Any funds not addressed to the correct department will be returned to sender in its entirety. 

Envelopes with inmate funds will have the following restrictions:

  • No personal correspondence or pictures; only the above-mentioned financial documents.
  • Money orders and cashiers checks must be filled out in their entirety with EPSO/inmate’s full booking name and Admit/Booking Number (not DOC Number), and with the sender’s full name and home address , to include city, state, and zip code.
  • No Personal Checks, Cash, Payroll Checks, Insurance Checks, Refund Checks, State and Federal Government Checks
  • The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office no longer accepts cash as we recommend cash never be sent through the U.S. Mail.
  • Each envelope received must contain one deposit for one inmate. Multiple deposits in the same envelope will not be accepted.
  • No altered money orders or checks will be accepted. Do not line through, write over, or use white out.
  • Each money order and cashiers check will be made out with one inmate’s name only.


Packages being shipped by OnTrac will not be accepted by the El Paso County Jail.

Any of the above-mentioned restrictions will NOT be accepted and will be rejected and returned to sender in its entirety (to include funds). A rejection notice will be provided to the Inmate and the Sender if inmate funds have been rejected.