Public Records (CORA)

The Records Section will take requests for public records available under CORA (for example: financial records, certain personnel records, other non-criminal justice records). The first ten pages of such records will be available free of charge. Copies exceeding ten pages are available at $0.25 per page. If any redaction (blacking-out) of any information is necessary, such as for social security numbers, etc., a $6.00 fee will be charged, which will also include the first ten pages of copies. If the redaction takes more than one hour to do, the total redaction time will be charged by the lowest-paid employee capable of performing the redaction.

For any requests for voluminous records falling under CORA, research and retrieval fees will be charged if the research and retrieval takes more than one hour to do. Any such research and retrieval fees for time in excess of one hour will be calculated by the hourly wage of the lowest-paid employee capable of performing the work. Such fee for research and retrieval shall not, however, exceed $30.00 per hour.

To the extent not discussed above, the Sheriff’s Office adopts by reference El Paso County’s Policy for Colorado Open Records Act Compliance.

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