Public Records (CORA)

In the spirit of transparency and open government, the Public Information Office will take requests for public records available under Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) The fee for researching, retrieving and, if necessary, redacting requested information, shall be $30 per hour with the first hour being free of charge.

If the request for records will exceed 1 hour, we will provide an estimated time and associated fee to the requester before work is performed, to determine if the requester seeks to move forward with his/her request.  

We may require and collect a 50% advance deposit of estimated research, retrieval and copy fees for public records requests that will require significant staff time and resources to complete.

We have up to three working days to comply with your request.  If extenuating circumstances exist, then we may extend up to seven additional working days to fill your request. You will be notified in writing when your request is complete.

To expedite processing your request, provide as much detailed information as possible. A request which is broad, vague, or too voluminous may cause a delay in the time it takes to produce the records.

To the extent not discussed above, the Sheriff’s Office adopts by reference El Paso County’s Policy for Colorado Open Records Act Compliance.

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