Intake and Release

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Intake Deputy Working

Intake and Release


To ensure all Intake and Release responsibilities are accomplished in accordance with accepted professional standards and as prescribed in Colorado Revised Statue (C.R.S.) 17-26-103. In addition, Intake and Release maintains required records, ensures accountability and security of inmate funds and their personal property.


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Administrative Unit

All inmate records are maintained with a staff of eight Administrative Technicians. Records are updated for every court appearance, as well as any new charges, bond changes or holds generated by 45 different courts. They are also responsible for administratively managing inmates being held for other agencies and for ensuring these agencies are correctly billed for housing.

Requests for copies of verification of incarceration letters can be obtained by calling (719) 390-2145, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Bonding information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Pre-Admit Unit is responsible for the initial processing and accounting of all inmate property and monies. In addition, Pre-Admit Technicians check to ensure the arresting agency’s charging documents are proper and in order, verify and deposit all funds into the inmate’s account, verify inmate property is inventoried by the arresting officers, check for additional wants and warrants with the National Crime Information Center/Colorado Crime Information Center (NCIC/CCIC), and take inmate identification photos.  The Unit is also responsible for initial victim notification as prescribed by State Statute.


The Booking Unit is responsible for processing the inmate into the facility. Specific questions are asked of each inmate and entered into the computer system. A review of all the paperwork is completed and checked again for accuracy. The inmate is seen by medical personnel, as well as fingerprinted by a Colorado Springs City ID technician.

Warrants Unit

The Warrants Unit is responsible for verifying wants and warrants of all inmates. They make necessary contacts and arrangements for any fugitive from justice warrants, out of county warrants, as well as extradition of inmates.

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