Sheriff’s Office Announces New Targeted Traffic Enforcement Areas in El Paso County

July 3, 2019

In May, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with regional Public Safety partners launched a Targeted Traffic Enforcement Initiative across El Paso County.  This initiative was in response to the number of traffic fatalities in the last two years.  

Every two months we reevaluate the traffic enforcement areas based on data gathered by our SMART trailer, traffic complaints and traffic crash data provided by Colorado State Patrol.  Beginning July 1 – September 1, 2019, the following enforcement areas are considered zero tolerance for moving violations: 

District 1:
On Higby Road between Jackson Creek Parkway and Roller Coaster Road
Hodgen Road/ Baptist Road from Highway 83 to Kingswood Drive

District 2:
Shoup Road from Black Forest Road to Highway 83

District 3:
Marksheffel from Hwy 24 to Hwy 94
Peterson Road from Constitution Avenue to Hwy 24

District 4:
Falcon Highway from Meridian Road to Peyton Highway
Meridian Road from Woodmen Hills to Rex Road

District 5:
Grinnell Boulevard from Fontaine Boulevard to Bradley Road

District 6:
Marksheffel Road from Fontaine Boulevard to Mesa Ridge Parkway

District 7:
Hwy 115 from Pawnee Road to Roca Roja Circle

District 8:
Colorado Ave from Columbia Road to 31st street

The community can expect to see highly visible and proactive law enforcement in the targeted areas with the goal of creating a deterrence and changing unlawful, dangerous and even deadly traffic behaviors. 

For more information on the Targeted Traffic Enforcement Initiative, please visit our website and/or follow us on our social media platforms. 

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