Traffic Enforcement

So far in 2020, El Paso County has led Colorado in the number of reported traffic deaths. In response to these tragic events, I have directed my staff to increase our traffic enforcement efforts across the county and to continue working with all of our Public Safety partners in the region to begin collaborating in these traffic enforcement efforts.

The community can expect to see highly visible and proactive law enforcement in the targeted areas with the goal of creating a deterrence and changing unlawful, dangerous and even deadly traffic behaviors. It is our sincere hope that increased enforcement in these areas will make El Paso County safer and assist in creating a culture of voluntary compliance of our traffic laws. We hope you will join us in this very important initiative to make everyone in El Paso County safe when driving on our roadways.

Sheriff Bill Elder



District 1

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Woodmoor/Canterbury, Gleneagle, Kings, Deer, Club Villas, Palmer Lake, Monument

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 1

Baptist Road from Roller Coaster to Gleneagle Drive

Furrow Road from Hwy 105 to County Line Road

Gleneagle Road from Baptist to Struthers Road

Intersection: Baptist Road at Roller Coaster Road

District 2

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Black Forest, Wissler Ranch, Hawk Ridge

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 2

Hodgen Road from Hwy 83 to Vollmer Road

Burgess Road from Milam Road to Vollmer Road

Black Forest Road from Hodgen Road to Burgess Road
Intersection: Shoup Road at Milam Road

District 3

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Cimarron Hills, Constitution Hills, Claremont Ranch, Park Vista, Sieferd

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 3

Peterson Road from Battle Mountain Road to Galley Road

Galley Road from Powers Blvd to Peterson Road

Constitution Ave from Piros Drive to Marksheffel Road

Omaha Blvd from Powers Blvd to Peterson Road

Intersection: Palmer Park Blvd and Hathaway Drive

District 4

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Woodmen Hills, Falcon, areas east of Meridian Road

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 4

Stapleton Drive from Meridian Road to Hwy 24

Meridian Road from Woodmen Road to Rex Road

Eastonville Road from Londonderry Drive to Tompkins Road

Intersection: Eastonville Road and Judge Orr Rd.

Curtis Road from Judge Orr Rd to Book Dr.

Garret Road from Hwy 24 to Curtis Rd
Hwy 24 from Judge Orr Rd to Peyton Hwy
Intersection: Falcon Hwy and Meridian Road

District 5

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Security, Fountain Valley, Colorado Centre, Clearview Estates, Southmoor

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 5

Main Street from Bradley Road to Security Blvd.

Security Blvd from Main Street to Fontaine Blvd.

Crawford Ave from Security Blvd to Grinnell Blvd

Intersection: Crawford Ave and Security Blvd.

District 6

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Widefield and Little Ranches area

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 6

Mesa Ridge Pkwy from Powers Blvd to Marksheffel Rd.

Fontaine Blvd from Powers Blvd to Metropolitan St.

Syracuse St from Mesa Ridge Pkwy to Jersey Ln.

Intersection: Defoe Ave and Caballero Ave.

District 7

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  Stratmoor Valley, Stratmoor Hills, B Street, Hwy 115

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 7

B street from Academy Blvd to Hwy 85

Hwy 115 from Rock Creek Canyon Rd to Roca Roja Cir

Academy Blvd from Milton E. Proby Pkwy to Coventry Drive

Intersection: Crestridge Ave and Kearney Ave.

District 8

AREA NEIGHBORHOODS:  West Colorado Avenue, Ute Pass, Green Mountain Falls, Cascade, Rampart Range

Traffic Enforcement Areas for District 8

Hwy 24 from Ridge Road to Chipita Park Rd.

Chipita Park Rd from Hwy 24 to El Paso Trl

Intersection: Robinson Street and 27th Street.