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Commander Eric Carnell

Commander Eric Carnell


Eric Carnell was raised in McDonough, Georgia and graduated from Henry County Senior High School in 1990.  After serving in the US Army for 6 years, Eric Carnell began his career with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in 1997.  He earned an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and applied it toward a rewarding career in the Detention and Administrative Bureaus.

His infectious personality and passion for building relationships has assisted him during his assignments in Detention Security, Intake Services, Court Services, and Training.  He has the distinct pleasure of being a member of the Special Response Team, an Active Shooter, Riot Control and Academy Instructor.

As a Sergeant and Lieutenant, he has enthusiastically coached, mentored and inspired countless team members, citizens and inmates alike.  As an ordained minister and Pastor, he remains committed to remaining physically, mentally and spiritually grounded.  He remains steadfast in ensuring those he encounter, does the same.