Bureau of Professional Responsibility

General Information

The Bureau of Professional Responsibility consists of The Professional Standards Division. 

Professional Standards Division Units: Internal Affairs, Accreditation, Prison Rape Elimination Act, Evidence, the Judicial Liaison/Programs Assistant and the Public Information Office. 

The concept of the Bureau is to utilize the various Units to establish a framework to increase public trust through increased accountability and transparency. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is pledging to our community that we are serious about building a partnership between our Office and the community we serve. With this commitment, we hope to make our community safer by encouraging voluntary compliance with state and local laws rather than compliance through fear of punishment. Building positive relationships with all members of our community is a key component of creating a trusting atmosphere and every element of this Bureau will be involved with this effort. 

We will seek to create ongoing community involvement in the operations of the Sheriff’s Office through the creation of a Multicultural Community Advisory Board tasked with providing diverse perspectives and advice on subjects as wide ranging as our disciplinary process, jail operations and programs, training, policy development and implementation, recruiting, diversity issues, etc. 

Additionally, it is a goal of the Bureau to enhance communication within the organization by facilitating open and honest discussion among employees about issues affecting working conditions, employee-employer relations, and job satisfaction. We will listen with respect and expectation to the great ideas and concerns of our employees with the goal of making their work experience with this Office as satisfying as possible within the limits of the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization.


General Information

Within the pages of this website are descriptions of the various Sections and Units that make up the Division of Professional Responsibility.