Two Deputies and Eight Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19

October 27, 2020

In the past 24 hours two more deputies and eight inmates have lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19. The deputies and inmates have been isolated and all employees and inmates who have had direct or indirect contact, or other work-related contact have been contacted and/or notified.

The inmates identified were as a result of routine quarantine and testing prior to movement out to the Department of Corrections to carry out their sentence. The Department of Corrections requires two weeks of symptom checks and a COVID test prior to accepting any sentenced inmate.  We have quarantined any other inmates housed with the positive inmates and will test any who are or become symptomatic. Currently we have five wards quarantined.

In addition, we identified staff members who have been in contact with COVID positive inmates and/or employees and determine an approximate onset time of exposure.  The staff who are asymptomatic will quarantine for 14 days, be tested for COVID seven days from their date of exposure unless they develop symptoms sooner. 

Sheriff's Office Staff have had plans and structures in place since the onset of this pandemic and will continue to take steps to prevent further spread to other employees and inmates that we house in the jail. 
Since video visitation remains closed, those members of our community who have incarcerated friends or family can visit using the following link:

We remain in constant consultation and coordination with members of the El Paso County Health Department. We now know the virus has spread throughout the community and further attempts to prevent the spread remain difficult. We continue to monitor our employees and inmates for symptoms and are committed to taking any steps possible to mitigate the risks of contracting the illness.

MR 20-165