The Sheriff’s Office Presents Community Conversations

January 19, 2021

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is excited to present Community Conversations.
The goals of Community Conversations are:
•       To understand, through dialogue with members of the community, what they believe the Sheriff’s Office priorities should be to serve the public good.
•       To work with the community developing a list of public safety priorities.
•       To discuss Sheriff’s Office training and policies around issues of community concern such as Use of Force and disciplinary processes.
•       To talk about Jail operations and the impact on the community, especially regarding who the Jail holds, programs available for inmates, addressing mental health and drug addiction issues, and general medical care provided.
•       To work with the community to alleviate fears and concerns, particularly from people of color, during contacts with the Sheriff’s Office.
Through the Community Conversations, the Sheriff’s Office hopes to develop a stronger level of community trust so community members can share their thoughts and concerns in an open, honest way without fear and without retribution. Likewise, the Sheriff’s Office hopes that the community will be receptive to receiving information from its personnel in a trusted and forthcoming manner.
We would like to thank Community Leaders for their invaluable input, insight, and candor in helping us develop this program.
Our first virtual Community Conversation event is scheduled for January 25th from 6PM - 8PM.  Anyone wishing to participate in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Community Conversations is encouraged to RSVP through email at [email protected]. We are limited to 40 participants.


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