Sheriff's Office Update on Gannon Stauch Case

February 8, 2020

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office investigation continued today in the Lorson Ranch area.  Deputies re-canvassed Gannon's neighborhood and spoke with neighbors.  We did this in a systematic approach to ensure all residents have been interviewed because some may have been away at the time of the initial canvassing.  Those who are in the immediate vicinity of an incident may have useful information to provide.  

We will continue to search specific areas based on tips and leads in this investigation. Through the course of this investigation, we follow leads and tips until those are exhausted.  The investigation and the search processes will continue to run parallel with one another in hopes of finding Gannon and bringing him back home. 

To date, we have received 324 tips. Any pertinent information on this case will be put out as the investigation allows.  We will continue to share even the smallest update in this case. 

Our partners in our search and investigation efforts are:
4th Judicial District Attorney's Office, Army (multiple units - volunteers), Army 4th Engineer Battalion (volunteers), Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs Police Department, Fountain Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, El Paso County Public Works, El Paso County Search and Rescue, Emergency Incident Support, the FBI, Flight for Life (searching purposes only), Fremont County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, National Guard 100th Missile Defense Brigade (volunteers), Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management, Salvation Army, Verizon Wireless, and VOAD.

The mis-information that is being spread on social media is a hindrance to this investigation and adds an unnecessary additional burden on the family.  Any information that is prematurely released and is not directly from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office is not a credible source.  

Follow our social media platforms to get up to date information.  Do not use social media as a tool to report any tips or information on this case. If you have any information as it relates to Gannon's case, please call the Sheriff's Office Tip Line at 719-520-6666 or email [email protected].

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