Sheriff's Office to Unveil DUI Themed "The Heat is On" Patrol Car

April 14, 2021

The Sheriff's Office will be unveiling a DUI themed “Heat is On Vehicle”, a wrapped patrol car, on Thursday April 15, 2021, at 1:00 PM, on top of the El Paso County parking garage (located at 50 E. Costilla Street). We are doing this as an effort to enforce and educate on the ever-growing issue of DUI(s) and DUI fatalities.

DUI fatalities climbed during the pandemic. On average, more than one third of crash fatalities are related to impaired drivers. The vehicle will serve as a visual reminder of our efforts during real time enforcement as well as being present at community events.  

We are also hoping that the vehicle serves as a conversation starter and awareness tool; and we encourage citizens to approach us at community events for a photograph with the vehicle and to chat. We will be teaming up with MADD at a number of events and bringing the stories of survivors and victims to the forefront.

The vehicle was made possible through our community partnership and donations (100% of all costs were donated) from Watts Upfitting (the wrap), Pikes Peak Community College and the Colorado State Patrol (interior equipment), DriveSmart Colorado (now known as the Pikes Peak Traffic Safety Coalition), MADD, Colorado Department of Transportation, and all of our partners in the Pikes Peak DUI Regional Task-force. 

The presentation is open to our local media and the partners who made this possible. Interviews will be accommodated at the event after the unveiling.  

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