Sheriff's Office Makes Arrests in Financial Exploitation of Elderly Victim

August 22, 2018

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has arrested Herbert Meadows (1-9-54) and Cynthia Meadows (8-17-66), a married couple from the Security-Widefield area. They are accused of financially exploiting a 91-year-old victim of approximately $180,000. 

The investigation revealed Herbert & Cynthia Meadows had depleted the victim's bank account to pay their own credit card bills and fund several failed business ventures. 

Herbert Meadows also opened several credit card accounts in the victim's name and ran the balances up several thousand dollars.  The investigation into the identity theft aspect of the case continues and more criminal charges are pending.

The Sheriff’s Office Financial Crimes Unit is constantly investigating these types of cases.  In nearly every case, the perpetrator is someone the victim knows and trusts.  We encourage citizens to monitor the financial activity of their elderly loved ones; have checks and balances in place to prevent fraud and exploitation; assist the elderly in monitoring their credit history and report suspicious financial activity to the police. 

Elderly victims may be unaware their finances have been compromised and when it's discovered they don't want to accept they have been taken advantage of, especially if it is a family member. 

We would like to thank the El Paso County Adult Protective Services for their assistance in this case.  The Sheriff’s Office and Adult Protective Services are here to help and will investigate all cases of financial exploitation of an at-risk adult thoroughly.

Mug shots of Herbert and Cynthia Meadows are attached to this media release.

MR 18-082