Sheriff's Office Launches Therapeutic Response Unit and Stabilization Team in the El Paso County Jail

Sep 22, 2022 - 12:40pm

Sheriff's Office Launches Therapeutic Response Unit and Stabilization Team in the El Paso County Jail

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Behavioral Health Administrations Jail Based Behavioral Services Program (JBBS), has launched a new pilot program to respond to incarcerated citizens experiencing emotional or behavioral distress.  

The TRUST (Therapeutic Response Unit and Stabilization Team) program is a therapeutic response to situations that occur in the El Paso County Jail. The team is responsible for responding to inmate behavioral health crisis and competency involvement within the jail. Team members perform individualized counseling to the inmate population including implementation of service planning, behavior modification, diagnostic and medication referrals, and transition planning. The Team will not only provide a response to a crisis, but they will follow-up to ensure a continuum of care and access to resources are provided. 

In addition to this team assisting with de-escalation of crises in the El Paso County Jail, our deputies are all trained in crisis intervention, as well as having effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, and know how to implement de-escalation strategies that are oriented toward recovery and resilience.

This specialized unit is staffed with two clinicians and a supervisor who are trained in crisis response. In the initial month of this initiative, the program has seen success in de-escalating citizens experiencing acute and prolonged emotional distress.

"Addressing mental health issues is a priority for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis will now have an opportunity for an enhanced law enforcement response in the Jail. This interaction will provide the best outcomes for those in crisis. I am committed to making sure our workforce is well prepared to respond and deal with this segment of our population." -Sheriff Bill Elder

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