Sheriff's Office Launches COVID-19 Projects After Receiving Cares Act Funding

June 16, 2020

The El Paso County Jail will be upgrading many areas and equipment to ensure the health and safety of staff and the incarcerated population.  These upgrades are intended to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19 and increase overall safety and security of the jail.  

The following projects are in the planning phase and each are lead by a project coordinator:
1.  Replace Property Conveyor in the El Paso County Jail  =$600,000.00
2.  Jail Security Cameras and Door Control  =$4,686,440.00
3.  Jail Facility Door Lock Replacement   =$1,850,000.00
4.  Jail Lobby / Lockers    =$2,200,000.00
5.  Sheriff's Training Facility / Remodel   =$950,000.00
6.  Upgrade Equipment for Sanitation / Hygiene   =$300,000.00
7.  Tele-Medicine Equipment   =$250,000.00
8.  Visitation Booth Remodel for Privacy and Security of Professional Visits   =$250,000.00
9.  Hazardous Duty Pay   =$1,161,000.00
10.  Office Cubicle Update & Safety Improvements    =$500,000.00
11.  Overtime to Establish Services Back to Expected Level   =$200,000.00
12.  Re-Deployment of School Resource Officers   =$125,000.00
13.  Re-Deployment of Work Release Deputies  =$487,500.00
14.  Video Court   =$26,000.00

Total of = $13,585,940.00

We will communicate all potential impacts to daily operations involving the public through press release and/or through our social media channels.

Due to guidelines through the CARES Act we are required to complete all projects by the end of 2020. 

These projects will assist with meeting recommendations regarding movement of inmates between facilities, physical distancing measures for staff, inmates and contractors, and overall improvements in allowing a more safe environment.  

MR 20-107