Sheriff Roybal Releases Strategic Plan to Citizens of El Paso County

Sep 18, 2023 - 9:00am

Today, El Paso County Sheriff Joe Roybal announced the release of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan, a roadmap to the future of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. 

This law enforcement strategic plan sets the pillars encapsulating the agency's core values, identifies strategic objectives, and establishes the strategies and initiatives necessary to fulfill its mission. It enables agency leaders to align resources, personnel, and technology to address community needs and enhance public safety. 

A well-developed strategic plan in law enforcement fosters collaboration and coordination among different units and agencies, promotes data-driven decision-making, and supports proactive crime prevention and community engagement efforts.

Moreover, it serves as a means of accountability and transparency, enabling agencies to track progress, evaluate performance, and communicate their objectives and achievements to the public they serve.

"I am excited to share our strategic plan with the citizens of El Paso County," stated Sheriff Joe Roybal. "This plan is simple in design, yet visionary and has come to fruition through years of experience serving this community and institutional knowledge within our agency. 

This publication results from input from members throughout the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the citizens we serve. I want to thank everyone on my staff, sworn and professional, who helped develop this plan and for their dedication and willingness to create a pathway for the future success of our agency and renewed commitment to public safety.

As we implement this strategic plan, we will continuously measure our progress, evaluate outcomes, and hold ourselves accountable to ensure we are meeting the goals and needs of the citizens of El Paso County. The strategic plan is our pledge to provide outstanding service to our community now and in the future."

Visit to view the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan as presented to the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners.



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