Sheriff’s Office Releases Monthly Statistics on Sheriff Elder’s Top Priorities

March 7, 2019

In 2017, Sheriff Bill Elder laid out illegal marijuana enforcement, addressing mental health in the community and reducing the average daily jail population as his top priorities for the next four years of his administration.  The Sheriff’s Office will be releasing monthly statistics on the work that is being done to stop the diversion of legal marijuana to the illegal marijuana market, prevent the unnecessary incarceration of individuals with mental illness and the impact the jail population is having on inmate assaults on staff and other inmates.

El Paso County Jail February 2019 Statistics:
• Average Daily Population (ADP) 1,740 inmates
• Inmate Bookings – 1,774
• Inmate Releases – 1,796
• 8 Inmate vs. Staff Assaults with 0 resulting in injury to staff
• 14 Inmate vs. Inmate Assaults with 5 resulting in injuries to inmates
• 18 Inmate vs. Inmate Fights with 10 resulting in injuries to inmates

Behavioral Heath Connect Program (BHCON) February 2019 statistics:
• Responded to 47 calls for service
• Provided services to 44 clients
• Attempted 18 follow-ups with clients
• 34 clients were treated on scene and provided mental health resources
• 2 clients were transferred to a local medical facility or walk-in center
• 3 clients were arrested

Illegal and Black-Market Marijuana Enforcement February 2019 statistics:
• 4 Search Warrants and 18 Knock and Talks
• 69 plants seized (Street Value of $69,000 at $1,000 per plant)
• 435 pounds of processed marijuana seized (Street Value of $1,522,500 at $3500 per pound)
• $3,881 in cash seized
• 3 arrests

MR 19-030