Sheriff’s Office Honors 9-Year-Old with 911 Hero Award

February 12, 2018

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office will be presenting Angelia Rose with the 911 Hero Award on Monday, February 12, 2018, at 1:30 PM, at Jordahl Elementary School, located at 800 Progress Drive in Fountain.

On the evening of December 20th, 2017, nine year old Angelia Rose’s bravery was tested.  Her mother, Angela, was extremely sick with a fever and in a great amount of pain.  It was getting progressively harder for Angela to breathe.

Angelia recognized that her mom needed more help than she could give.  She called 911 and spoke with Emergency Services Dispatcher Dani Rodgers.  Angelia stayed calm, providing her address and confidently answering all of Dani’s questions.  She gave reassurance to her mom, letting her know that help was coming and making sure Dani knew if anything changed with her condition. 

We are so proud of Angelia for her quick thinking and calm demeanor during a stressful situation.  We would like to encourage all to attend and help us recognize Angelia for her actions.

MR 18-011