Remembering Fallen El Paso County Sheriff Deputy Andrew Peery

Aug 7, 2023 - 11:15am

This morning, Sheriff Joseph Roybal and members of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, attended a wreath laying ceremony in honor of fallen El Paso County Sheriff Deputy Andrew Peery.

Read Sheriff Roybal’s remark as written:

“Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, members of the law enforcement community, and members of the Peery family…

Today, we gather with heavy hearts to pay tribute to a true hero, El Paso County Sheriff Deputy Andrew Steven Peery.

On August 7th, 2022, a year ago today, Deputy Peery, a highly decorated United States Army veteran and member of our SWAT team, answered a call for help, ran towards danger, and ultimately laid down his life for a stranger.

Andrew was the 375th member of law enforcement, serving the state of Colorado to make the ultimate sacrifice for his community.

In November of 2016, Andrew started his career with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office as a lateral transfer from the Bakersfield California Police Department. He was assigned to the midnight shift on patrol, and later, joined the SWAT Team securing a position on the Tactical Support Unit.

While on the SWAT Team, Deputy Peery served as the Sniper Team Leader and eventually an Assistant Team Leader. Additionally, Andrew was assigned to GangNet, served as a Field Training Officer, a Firearms Instructor, and a Close Quarter Battle Instructor.

During his time with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Andrew was awarded numerous commendations, including five letters of appreciation, three Coins of Excellence, two Commander Citations, a Leadership Award, and two Distinguished Service Medals.

After his death, Deputy Peery was awarded two Medals of Valor for his heroic actions, and our Medal of Honor for his ultimate sacrifice.

Andrew’s accolades and achievements don’t end there.

While in the Army, Andrew developed and executed over 600 operations to maintain foreign relations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Andrew served three tours of duty in Iraq deploying as a sniper during the first two. Andrew was awarded three Army Achievement Medals, seven Army Commendation Medals, and a Meritorious Service Medal, during his service to our nation.

While at the Bakersfield Police Department, Andrew received a commendation for his life-saving efforts helping the victim of a stabbing. He also volunteered over 100 hours of his time for the California Special Olympics.

Andrew did not just succeed when it came to his career, he triumphed.

Deputy Peery and his wife Meghan have two children, Matthew, and Amy. Andrew loved watching his son, Matthew, run cross-country and track and supported his beautiful daughter Amy, as she pursued gymnastics and other activities. For anyone who knew Andrew, it was apparent, without question, he loved his children.

Being a member of law enforcement means dedicating your life to service and honor.

For those of us who heed this call, we are aware of our heavy responsibility and the perils which come with it.

We chose this career not for ourselves but for our communities and our country.  

We dedicate our lives to protecting the innocent, securing our ability to work, raise families, express ourselves, practice our religions, and enjoy our interests.

We are often called to act, not with the absence of fear but with the courage to face it.

Deputy Andrew Peery did just so. He was courageous and selfless. His life was one marked by a profound sense of duty and dedication.

As a member of law enforcement, Andrew understood the risks involved, yet he chose to wear his badge with honor, committing himself to protecting and serving the community he loved.

He exemplified the finest qualities of a public servant, always putting others before himself. Andrew’s character was such, he would and did everything in his power, to ensure everyone else made it home safely.

As a veteran, Staff Sergent Peery was a hero.

As a member of the Bakersfield Police Department, Officer Peery was a hero.

And as a member of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Peery is OUR hero.

To Andrew’s family, Meghan, Matthew, Amy- we cannot begin to imagine your loss. Your father’s memory is embedded deep in our hearts, and he left a permanent mark on his law enforcement family. 

There are no words capable of providing sufficient comfort. All we can offer is the promise to be by your side as you continue to navigate through your grief.

Deputy Peery, on behalf of your family at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the grateful citizens of El Paso County, I thank you for your years of service and sacrifice.

The debt of gratitude we owe you is immeasurable, and we will do our best to live up to the precedent of bravery and steadfast commitment you exemplified. 

No one is coming, it is up to us.

God speed, and rest easy Zebra 8, We have the watch from here.  

Deputy Andrew Peery, Badge No. 16120, end of watch, August 7, 2022.”

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