Items Stolen from Sheriff's Office Vehicle

December 20, 2020

Items Stolen from Sheriff's Office Vehicle

On December 20, 2020, at approximately 3:42 AM, a deputy notified supervisors, items were stolen from his patrol vehicle. The vehicle was parked at one of the Sheriff's Office buildings located in the 20 block of Vermijo Avenue. The deputy reported his outer vest, ballistic vest, and duty belt (with weapon) were stolen.

All personnel working were notified and a search of the building as well as a thorough search of the area to include all surrounding areas was completed.

Colorado Springs Police Department was notified, and a report was taken by their agency.  

The following items were reported stolen:

Office issued outer vest carrier with badge, ballistic vest, and body worn camera
Office issued nylon gear
Office issued Glock 45 (serial number has been entered into the NCIC and CCIC database)
(2) Office issued Glock 45 magazines with duty ammo

We are currently reviewing all surveillance footage.

If you have any knowledge of this incident, see any of the listed items or hear of selling of listed items we urge you to contact us immediately at 719-390-5555 or you can anonymously email us at [email protected].


MR 20-180