Information on Funeral and Procession for Deputy Micah Flick

February 9, 2018

Out of respect for the grieving family, fellow law enforcement officers and friends we are unable to accommodate requests for interviews on Saturday morning prior to 11:30 AM.  El Paso County Sheriff, Bill Elder will provide a live statement to the media prior to the service.  This statement will be on site at the church.  This will occur at approximately 11:45 AM MST at a location to be determined.  Other interviews will be facilitated after that time as well.

The service inside and outside of New Life Church will be a pool only event.  Local NBC affiliate KOAA has been selected as the pool for television coverage.  Still pool photography will be provided by The Gazette.

KOAA Adam Knapik, [email protected], (719) 243-7281

The Gazette Photographer Christian Murdock, [email protected], (719) 719-244-1508

In addition to the pool footage, New Life Church will be providing three different video feeds from their in-house camera system and a live stream.  The live stream is available at  The live stream can be embedded onto any website with the following code: (this code is all one line)

Media covering the service will need to be on-site no later than 11:30 AM MST.  Parking for media will be in the Media Lot marked on the attached map.  Dock 2 will be contact point for streaming. 

There will be limited media seating within the service for those who wish to pay their respects.  You will need to check in at the reception desk in order to be seated. There will be NO social media use during the service. We kindly request that you do not bring any electronic devices with you into the service and that you respect the dignity and custom of our grieving for Deputy Flick.

Following the service there will be a procession.  The procession route is attached to this release.  You can share with the public the procession route and any footage you take. 


MR 18-110