Fireworks Reminder for New Year's Celebrations

December 28, 2018

As we welcome in the new year, fireworks are traditionally a significant part of our celebrations. Though it may seem like winter is an ideal time for fireworks, the real fact of the matter is that winter is one of the driest times of year and starting a fire accidentally is much easier than you probably think.

Although there are currently no fire bans in place for unincorporated El Paso County, we would like to remind citizens that the use, sale or possession of any firework with the exception of “permissible” fireworks is illegal. 

The following information is intended to help clarify which fireworks are legal and which are not. 

Unlawful fireworks include:
• Bottle rockets
• Firecrackers of any type
• Mortars
• M80’s, cherry Bombs
• Roman candles

Permissible fireworks include:
• Fountains
• Ground spinners
• Smoke Bombs
• Sparklers
• Small toy vehicles containing pyrotechnics

Fireworks should not be confused with “trick noise makers” which are not classified as fireworks.  “Trick noise makers” function by throwing them on the ground or by pulling a string.

Examples of “trick nose makers” are:
• Champagne poppers (pull string, and they launch colored paper)
• Snaps (small paper wads that are thrown on the ground)
• Pull string poppers (small 2” paper tube with a string from each end)

Unlawful fireworks, as well as permissible fireworks, are prohibited in incorporated cities including Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, and Manitou Springs. Additionally, fireworks are illegal on the United States Department of Agriculture (USFS) lands.  You can check with your local fire department or fire protection district for specific rules that are in place for where you live. 

The Sheriff’s Office would like to wish every citizen in El Paso County a safe and Happy New Year!

MR 18-145