El Paso County Sheriff's Office Announces T4C (Time for Change) Graduation

January 10, 2018

El Paso County Sheriff's Office Announces T4C (Time for Change) Graduation

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce a graduation ceremony for eight inmates who have successfully completed the T4C program at the Criminal Justice Center.  The graduation ceremony will be held Thursday, January 11, 2018, 2:30 PM, at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center Jail, 2739 East Las Vegas Street in the Veteran’s Ward.

Participants must complete all course requirements and strictly adhere to the Inmate Code of Conduct. This program is an opportunity for offenders to learn discipline, increase self-esteem, develop new skills which will contribute to their ability to successfully re-enter the workforce and ideally reduce the probability of recidivism. Successful participants are awarded certificates upon program completion.

Here are some quotes about the T4C Program from inmates who previously graduated the program:

"To me the T4C Program meant life or death.  It showed me how to recognize the break in my thought process that is needed to handle everyday situations.  It also bridged the gap between law enforcement and myself to crush stereotypes."

"T4C was a reminder to me.  A reminder that I matter.  A reminder that I can change and make a difference.  It was a reinforcement of my true self, values and beliefs."

A quote from Deputy Fliney, EPSO Veteran Time For Change Instructor:

"I believe the Time For Change Program is an essential program because it teaches us how to stop and think before we react.  Thinking about how our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs affect ourselves and others before we make a decision is essential.  We can better look at difficult situations and ask ourselves what we want to accomplish and also what we don't want to see happen."

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