County Wide Stage One Fire Restrictions Lifted

Jul 25, 2022 - 4:20pm

Effective immediately Stage One Fire Restrictions have been lifted for El Paso County. We request you contact your local Fire Protection District or Department before engaging in any open burning that has been allowed in the past. Our county has various topographical features where some terrain may experience large amounts of moisture, but other portions remain dry and may have a higher risk of fire. 

A few of the Fire Districts out east along the county border particularly, request that you remain extremely cautious with the use of any flame producing device and/or fire.

Pursuant to CRS 32-1-1002(3)(a) the Chief of each Fire Protection District has authority over the supervision of all fires within their district and the local Fire Districts may have codes, regulations, policies or standards that may still be restrictive and/or prohibit certain activities as it relates to fire and open flame. You must contact your local fire district before engaging in fire related activities. Some jurisdictions may also require a permit other than what is required by the county for fire related activities.

While the restrictions have been lifted, we continue to stress using caution when using any open fire and or flame producing devices. Always keep a safe area for their use and make sure you keep fire suppression items available. 

The Sheriff, Deputy Fire Warden, the National Weather Service, and other Fire officials will continue to monitor weather and fire danger conditions throughout the year and may enact additional restrictions as needed in the months to come.

MR 22-073

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