Celebrating National Security Officer Appreciation Week

Sep 20, 2023 - 1:00pm

This week, elected officials in El Paso County joined Sheriff Joe Roybal in showing their sincere appreciation for the members of the County Security Section of the Sheriff’s Office in celebration of National Security Officer Appreciation Week.

If you live or work in El Paso County, chances are you have visited one of the multiple offices offering government services to citizens across the Pikes Peak region and been greeted by one (or more) of our dedicated County Security Officers.

These offices include:

-The 4th Judicial District Attorney

-The El Paso County Jail

-Centennial Hall

-The Citizen’s Service Center 

-Department of Motor Vehicles

-El Paso County Terry R. Harris Judicial Complex

-and more

The need for a strong security presence in our public buildings is crucial to day-to-day operations at any of our county-wide offices.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Security Officers are hard-working, highly trained men and women who protect access control, deter crime, lead evacuations, provide information, work closely with local law enforcement, and are vigilant in their efforts to keep our community safe.

Sheriff Joe Roybal issued the following statement, recognizing the nearly 40 Security Officers who are an integral part of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office:

“As we see and interact with security officers nearly everywhere we go, it can become easy to take the important role our Security Officers provide for granted.

"These professionals have a wide range of skills, from the empathy needed when dealing with lost children to the ability and competency required to address dangerous security risks.

"Security officers are often put in high-risk situations as they confront uncooperative members of the public intent on disrupting government buildings or operations where countless other people have gathered to conduct legitimate business.  As such, these skilled personnel are well versed in medical emergencies, evacuation plans and much more.

“I am incredibly proud to lead our team of El Paso County Security Officers and grateful my fellow elected officials joined me in celebrating them this week!”

Security officer training is extensive and aligns with their duties and responsibilities.  State-of-the-art training is crucial in keeping the flourishing physical security workforce ready and able to take on the daily challenges they face.

Technology now plays a prominent role in security services, and today’s security officers are trained to work with integrated technological security solutions, including robots, cameras, and X-ray screening systems. These systems help safeguard the public and protect buildings.

The complexity of these requirements, combined with the need to be increasingly vigilant, yet maintain a customer service-oriented focus, creates a challenging role.


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