4th of July Fireworks Information for Unincorporated El Paso County

June 7, 2020

As we celebrate the upcoming 4th of July holiday, fireworks are traditionally a major part of our Independence Day celebrations.  We hope the holiday will pass without any serious injuries or incidents tainting its enjoyment.  Currently we are under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for unincorporated El Paso County due to the ongoing hot, dry weather conditions which compounds the danger of using fireworks,

We would like to remind citizens that the sale, use or possession of any firework is illegal. Violators may be punished by a fine of up to $750.00, and/or imprisonment for up to six months in Unincorporated El Paso County. The possession, sale or use of fireworks in the City of Colorado Springs is subject to a fine up to $2,500.

. Illegal fireworks in El Paso County include:

• Bottle rockets

• Firecrackers of any type

• Mortars

• Roman candles

• Fountains

• Ground spinners

• Smoke Bombs

• Sparklers


Safety Information:

• If you want to see fireworks, go to a public show put on by experts.

• Do not use consumer fireworks.

• Keep a close eye on children at events where fireworks are used.

• The risk of fireworks injury is highest for young people ages 15-24, followed by children under 10.

• Nationwide, more than 16,000 reported fires are started by fireworks annually.

We would like to wish every citizen in El Paso County a safe and happy Fourth of July.  Should you have any issues with residents selling or using fireworks – call our non-emergency number (719) 390-5555, please reserve calling 911 for emergencies.

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