County Tickets

County Tickets

County tickets start with "EPC" in the upper right corner

Pay ONLINE (within the 20 days allowed. Online payments are subject to a convenience fee)

  • Pay online HERE (online payments available for COUNTY TICKETS ONLY. Incorrect payments will be refunded).

Pay by MAIL (within the 20 days allowed):

  • Send in payment in the form of certified check or money order, payable to El Paso County (no personal checks).
  • Include a copy of your ticket with payment. It is best to send in the payment in the blue envelope that the Deputy gives you with the ticket.
  • Mail payment to:

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
C/O: Records Section
325 S. Cascade Avenue
PO Box 18
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Pay in PERSON (within the 20 days allowed):

  • We accept payments for records requests and ticket payments at the Office of the Sheriff (27 E. Vermijo Ave), from 7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday (closed on federal holidays).
  • Payment can be made by debit / credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) with a processing fee. Processing fee is 2.39% or $2.00, whichever is greater.
  • Bring payment (no personal checks) and copy of ticket to:

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
27 E. Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-520-7100

Pay a ticket AFTER the 20 days has passed:

  • You will need to call the Courthouse First Appearance Center at 719-452-5500. Usually you will need to wait 5-7 days before the court date, before the ticket is processed by the courts and assigned a court docket number.
  • After the ticket has been assigned a docket number, it can be paid through the courts. Call the Court First Appearance Center for the total amount of the fine, as court fees that will be added to the ticket.
  • Mail payment to:

El Paso County Combined Courts
PO Box 2980
Colorado Springs, CO 80901


Office of the Sheriff

27 East Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States

719-520-7100 / 719-390-5555 (after hours)

El Paso County Jail

2739 East Las Vegas Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
United States