2014 Tip-A-Cop

The mission of Tip-A-Cop is to raise money for Special Olympics Colorado in support of the Special Olympics Athletes. Law enforcement personnel trade in their badges for aprons assisting with waiting on tables, bussing tables, seating families, and serving food to diners. Each table is provided with a donation envelope and request to donate money in support of the wonderful athletes.

On Sunday, July 20, 0214, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office participated in the first Tip-A-Cop Event of the season. EPSO was tasked with staffing four Chili’s locations in Colorado Springs and Monument which required a large number of volunteers. The following is a list of the locations and total money raised by each location:

Powers: $ 2061.00
Cheyenne: $ 1767.00
Vickers: $ 1558.00
Monument: $ 2435.00

This is a total of $ 7,882.00!!!

The success of this event would not have been possible without you the public, Chili's and all the EPSO volunteer’s commitment to such a wonderful cause. Volunteers represented the office with the highest level of professionalism during this event. Thank you all for supporting the Special Olympics

There will be more Tip-A-Cop events in the near future, so if you were not able to make it out this time, there will be another opportunity soon!!!