Public Information Office

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Public Information Section has the important responsibility of serving as a liaison between the community and the Sheriff's Office. We continually strive to provide this service to our citizenry with the tenets of community oriented policing as the foundation of this section.

Specifically, the Public Information Section is responsible for the dissemination of accurate and timely public safety information to the community through media releases, social media, and various publications. By performing this service, we serve as the conduit through which the public is made aware of matters that are of interest to our community.

Reporters and news agencies provide an essential service by distributing information to citizens in a timely fashion, especially during a time of crisis.  The Public Information Officers build cooperative partnerships with the media and provide them with accurate and timely information.

A final responsibility of the section is to direct the Sheriff's Office involvement in legislative affairs at the federal and state levels. From law enforcement's viewpoint it is important that public safety related legislation, which is introduced and discussed before the U.S. Congress and the Colorado General Assembly is closely monitored. This is critical in order to ensure legislation that enhances the safety of our communities becomes law, and legislation, which is detrimental to public safety, is defeated.

Jacqueline Kirby serves as the Public Information Officer; her contact information is below.

Jacqueline Kirby - [email protected] - (719) 520-7183 office