Background Investigations Unit

General Information

The Background Investigator’s responsibility is to conduct and coordinate pre-employment background investigations with the Personnel Unit. This position is often augmented by two to three investigators when Basic Deputy Sheriff Academies are planned. They are responsible for ensuring that each applicant’s background investigation includes the following:

  • Background Investigations Questionnaire Packet
  • Pre-Computerized Voice Stress Analysis Questionnaire packet
  • Work history check
  • Financial history
  • References
  • Court history
  • Colorado Springs Police and El Paso County Sheriff’s  Office contact history
  • DHS history
  • Computerized Voice Stress Analysis test
  • Applicant home interview (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)
  • Interviewing applicants’ neighbors (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)
  • Coordinates applicants’ physical exams (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)
  • Coordinates Drug Screening (all applicants)
  • Administers psychological computerized exams (Results are exclusive to Staff Psychologist)
  • Coordinates applicants’ psychological interview with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Staff Psychologist (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)

The Background Investigators are committed to conducting background investigations in a fair and impartial manner with the goal of hiring the best qualified employees in the interest of public safety.