Traffic Unit

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit is a community oriented, problem solving unit which provides public safety service and traffic enforcement to the citizens of El Paso County.  The philosophy of the Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit is to promote awareness and increase traffic safety through education and enforcement.  The Traffic Unit was established in 1996 and is comprised of one sergeant and six deputies.

The Traffic Unit focuses on providing traffic specific enforcement throughout the county, responding to citizen complaints, as well as working those areas known to have high occurrences of traffic accidents and/or speeding.  The deployment of  SMART (speed display) trailers are effective tools the Unit uses to enhance its ability to not only enforce traffic laws but to also raise awareness amongst the motoring public.

The Unit also provides training both to deputies in our Office, as well as other law enforcement officers throughout the region. 

Traffic Complaints

To report a citizen traffic complaint, please call (719) 390-5555