Work Release

General Information

The mission of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Work Release Program is to provide non-violent, sentenced inmates the opportunity to continue their livelihood, education or therapy while serving their sentence. Individuals participating in the Work Release Program are able maintain their employment, pay restitution for their crimes, and continue supporting their families while being incarcerated.

Any county may provide a program whereby any person sentenced to the county jail upon conviction for a crime, nonpayment of any fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court may be granted by the court the privilege of leaving the jail during necessary and reasonable hours for various purposes. Authority for this program is pursuant to authorization from the State Legislature in CRS 18-1.3-106.

Inmates sentenced to Work Release are required to pay a fee in order to participate in the program.  Currently this fee is $22 per day.  Participants are booked in at the El Paso County Jail.  They will then serve their sentence at the Metro Work Release Facility.

The Metro Work Release Facility opened in 2008, at the site of the former Metro Jail.  It has a capacity of 350 beds.  Participants are allowed a maximum of 12 hours out of the facility each day depending on their individual work schedule not to exceed 6 days per week.  Participants must follow a strict code of conduct and are subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Upon successful completion of 75% of the sentenced days, some eligible individuals initially sentenced to Work Release may have the opportunity to be placed on Non Custodial Work Release status.  Non Custodial Work Release allows the individual to live at home while still being monitored with the aid of a Global Positioning System. Non Custodial Work Release is monitored by Community Corrections, ComCor Inc. 

The Work Release program not only offers offenders the opportunity to maintain financial stability, but benefits the taxpayers of the community as Work Release fees cover the cost of the program.