Community Relations and Outreach

The Community Relations and Outreach Unit continuously strive to maintain open communication between law enforcement and the community we serve.  The unit was based on the recognition of the need for mutual understanding and cooperation to solve community and neighborhood problems.  Through effective relationships, community members learn about policing while law enforcement members learn about the policing needs of the community.

To better understand a community’s need, we involve ourselves directly into neighborhood functions, create and promote community programs, and adopt various projects and services in order to better impact our mission.  Our goal is to establish and maintain a healthy collaboration between law enforcement and the public which will foster positive support and a productive police-community relationship.


The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is driven by a duty to serve the community and its members.  We are intentional about remaining community-minded as we fulfill our statutory obligations and provide services to the citizens of El Paso County.  The Sheriff’s Office would not be successful if it weren’t for the relationships and partnerships we have created with community members, as it’s these very relationships and interactions that help us not only identify community problems, but allow us to collaborate in an effort to find the best solutions. Many of these partnerships are forged through specific programs and opportunities we create for citizens to become involved with the Sheriff’s Office.

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