Helicopter Dropping WaterFirefighter Cooling OffForest Fire
Helicopter Dropping WaterFirefighter Cooling OffForest Fire

Wildland Fire Crew

General Information

The El Paso County Wildland Fire Crew is predominantly an all volunteer team comprised of citizens from El Paso County and the surrounding areas dedicated to saving lives and property that are affected by fire. The crew members come from all walks of life to assist in these endeavors.

 All crew members are highly trained, hard-working individuals who take satisfaction in delivering a much needed and important service to the community. To augment the fire season each year, the Sheriff’s Office has initiated a seasonal firefighting force, which increases the capability of fire suppression efforts in many areas during the high fire season we experience in our County.

The Wildland Fire Crew has successfully fought hundreds of wildland fires in El Paso County and surrounding areas from small lightning strike fires to full-blown wildland fires like the Hayman fire 2002, the Waldo Canyon fire 2012, the Black Forest Fire in 2013, and the 117 Fire in 2018. They assist all County fire departments, the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Colorado State Forest Tree Service, the Department of Defense, specifically the Air Force Academy and Fort Carson, and the National Park Service. The fire crew is celebrating 25 years of service to the community this year.