Background Investigations Unit

General Information

The Background Investigator’s responsibility is to conduct and coordinate pre-employment background investigations. The Background Investigators’ are committed to conducting background investigations in a fair and impartial manner with the goal of hiring the best qualified employees in the interest of public safety.  The following are some of the processes included in a background investigation:

·        Personal History Statement

·        Truth Verification Questionnaire

·        Applicant Interview Questionnaire

·        Employment history verification and performance reviews

·        Financial history

·        Professional and personal references

·        NCIC/CCIC

·        Judicial history

·        Law Enforcement Contact

·        Truth Verification Examination

·        Applicant home interview (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)

·        Interviewing applicants’ neighbors (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)

·        Coordinates applicants’ physical exams (Required for Deputy Sheriff applicants)

·        Coordinates Drug Screening (all applicants)

·        Coordinates applicants’ psychological evaluation

Following the completion of a background investigation the applicant will either be recommended for hire or eliminated from consideration based on the results and findings of the investigation.