EPSO COVID-19 Information




Mask Mandate

This afternoon the Governor issued a statewide mask mandate, which goes into effect at midnight tonight.  Everyone must wear a mask.  Link to the order HERE.

These are trying times in many aspects for law enforcement.  We cannot afford to take actions that further erode the public trust in us.  As such, the official position of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office is to continue to educate the public on the benefits of wearing face coverings in enclosed public places.  We will stress that wearing a mask will slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.  We will not, however, be expending the resources of the Sheriff's Office on issuing citations to individuals not wearing masks.

In an effort to reduce face to face interactions due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 in El Paso County, we are transitioning non-priority calls differently. Our Communication Center will still receive all requests for calls for service through our normal method, non-emergent calls to 719-390-5555 and emergent calls to 9-1-1.  Our Communication Center Call Takers will assess each situation as it comes in.  If it is a crime that is actively occurring and is a risk to persons or property, a deputy will be dispatched.  If it is an incident that is not active and not posing an immediate threat, a deputy will reach the caller by phone.

Our goal is to minimize public exposure to the virus, while carrying out our mission to protect public safety in El Paso County.  We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation and provide updates as necessary.  

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Updated: 07/17/2020 12:15pm




Changes to Jail Operations this week- 05/04/20

  • The Jail Front desk will remain unmanned until further notice. Citizens are directed to call the Jail information line at 390-2000 if they have inquiries.
  • No Video Visitation at the Visitation building remains in place. Remote video visitation through Black Creek remains free of charge until June 30, 2020.
  • The Jail lobby remains closed to video advisement viewing, but the lobby transaction window is open for bonding processes and other business.
  • We have begun the process of transferring DOC backlog inmates from EPC Jail to DOC facilities
  • Quarantine processes for inmates will remain in place for at least another two weeks and will be reassessed depending on what the community infection rate does as a result of the cessation of the Stay at Home and Safer at Home orders
  • Jail personnel continue to be directed to stay at home if experiencing any symptoms of illness. Temperature checks, visual and verbal screening continues.
  • Civilian personnel have been given authorization to return to work if feasible
  • Heightened levels of sanitization and germicide spraying of all workspaces, detention wards and transport vehicles continues.
  • Intensive inmate screening, PPE usage, and limited movement throughout the facility remains in place.
  • In-person attorney visits continue to be discouraged but will be accommodated if necessary
  • All volunteer programs remain suspended until further notice
  • Currently no Jail personnel have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last three weeks.
  • As of today, no inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 while in custody.


To the families and loved ones of inmates in the El Paso County Jail,

The entire staff of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the safety, security, and well-being of your loved ones while they remain incarcerated at the El Paso County Jail. With the imminent threat of the COVID-19 pandemic our commitment has not wavered. Over the course of the last several weeks we have put in place some very aggressive measures to minimize the risk of exposure to your loved ones and our staff members.

That said, as the number of confirmed cases of COVID infection continues to rise in El Paso County, we know it is likely a number of inmates and staff will become infected. To combat the rampant spread of this disease we have implemented some very restrictive housing measures. These restrictions are not punitive. They are based on scientific data, medical guidance, and industry best practices as they apply to the layout of our jail.

These will be trying times for the inmates in the jail. The hours they have available to make telephone calls with you, enjoy visits with you, use showers, and socially mingle with friends and associates they are incarcerated with has been drastically reduced. We understand how frustrating this will be for them and for you. In order to provide the cleanest and safest environment for your loved ones and our staff, we have had to make these temporary changes. We fully intend to resume business as we have as soon as we can be sure the risk to your family members and friends in the jail is reduced enough to do so. We do not know when that will be.

You can help your loved ones in the jail through this difficult time. Encourage them to be patient. Reassure them that they have a lot of control about whether they get sick. We maintain a robust supply of cleaning materials proven to kill the COVID-19 virus. Those supplies are amply available to your loved ones to keep their living spaces and common areas clean. Encourage them to wash their hands and maintain a safe distance from other inmates and staff.

We will work together with you to make sure your loved ones have the best care and cleanest living area possible during this trying time.



In light of the current public health considerations, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Evidence Facility is not currently releasing any property/evidence.  If you have an urgent request, please call an Evidence Technician at 719-390-2481 to determine if an appointment can be set for you to obtain your property.  If there is no answer, please leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience. Thank you for your understanding.




Starting Monday, May 11, 2020, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Concealed Handgun Permit Office will resume accepting appointments for new Concealed Handgun Permits (CHP’s) by phone.   Beginning May 11th, please call our office at 719-520-7249 to schedule an appointment.  We cannot accept requests for appointments before May 11th, and we do not schedule appointments by email. 

We will process as many applicants as we can each day, allowing for proper sanitation between appointments. This may create longer wait times in the lobby.  Due to social distancing requirements, the lobby capacity at the Sheriff’s Office has been reduced to 12 people. It is possible that applicants might have to wait outside if the lobby is at capacity.

All CHP applicants will be required to wear a mask when coming to the Sheriff’s Office. In addition, applicants will receive a non-intrusive temperature scan and will be asked a series of symptomology questions.  These overall changes, as well as the anticipated volume of appointments may extend scheduling for up to three months. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience these precautions may cause, however, we want to ensure we are following all protocols to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your understanding


Renewal Applications

  • With the cancellation of in-person appointments, we will continue to process renewal applications as they are received.


The Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Range will be closed for HR-218 Qualifications until May 22, 2020 due to concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak. Before going to the Range on May 22, 2020, please call 719-520-7249 to verify the range is open and available for HR-218 Applicants to qualify




Effective Tuesday, March 17th and until further notice the Internal Affairs Unit will be placing the following changes into effect:




The Office of the Sheriff has resumed operations and regular business hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Due to social distancing requirements, the lobby capacity at the Sheriff’s Office has been reduced to 12 people. It is possible that applicants might have to wait outside if the lobby is at capacity and face masks are required.




We are having Dispatch do a COVID 19 screening on all medical and Priority Law enforcement calls.  Deputies should be doing the screening by phone on Priority 3 and 4 calls.  We will be handling as many non-priority calls by phone as possible as well as offering an updated list of crimes to Cop Logic.   If you receive a ticket, please send by mail.

Programs that are cancelled:

  • Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol 
  • Chaplains have been asked to reduce services and not physically respond to scenes.  There is a possibility of providing their service by phone.
  • Civilian Ride Along Program
  • Cadet Academy during Spring Break and all cadet programs
  • All patrol off site or out of town training
  • In person Patrol Briefings
  • Supervisors discretion to send deputies on medical calls




Effective immediately, no volunteers will be allowed in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office facilities with the exception of Wildland Fire, Search & Rescue,  & Reserve Deputies.  If you are unsure or unclear about your position as a volunteer, please contact your chain of command.