Administrative Bureau

Thank you for visiting the Administrative Service Bureau web page.  The Administrative Services Bureau is responsible for critical administrative support functions including Budget and Finance, Information Technology Services, the Concealed Handgun Permit Unit, Human Resources/Background Investigations and Criminal Justice Records.  The Budget and Finance Unit prepares and monitors the Sheriff’s Office budgets, totaling nearly $70 million.  The Information Technology Unit is responsible for procuring, and maintaining all of the Sheriff’s Office computer and electronic data processing assets, with the exception of radio systems.  The Concealed Handgun Permit Unit processes all applications for concealed handgun permits.  The Human Resources/Background Investigations Unit processes all applications for employment for both sworn and non-sworn positions; tests and screens candidates; and manages human resources records.  The Records Unit types and maintains police case reports and other criminal justices records.

General Information

Welcome to the Support Operations Division web page. The Support Operations Division is comprised of over 60 personnel and is responsible for providing a communication connection between the Office and the community, as well as ensuring the required manpower and material resources are available to meet the Sheriff's Office mission requirements.

The Support Operations Division is made up of eight sections.

  • The Communications Section provides the link between the public and police, fire or medical assistance, answering all emergency and non-emergency requests from citizens of the unincorporated portions of El Paso County. 
  • The Radio Systems Manager position is responsible for providing the Sheriff's Office with coordination, resolution and acts as the primary point of contact, towards the operation of radio users’ equipment on the Pikes Peak Regional Communications Network (PPRCN) 800 MHz Trunked Radio System.  The manager also is responsible for maintenance of department equipment, contracts and/or budgets for radio users’ fees and maintenance.
  •  Fleet Services is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, assignment, and disposal of vehicles for which the Sheriff’s Office has responsibility.  This includes maintenance and repair to over 398 units to include, but not limited to utility trailers/motorcycles, SUVs’, large wildland fire and hazardous material vehicles, special purpose units such as K-9, Mounted Patrol units, snowmobile’s, mobile Command Post, and 53 Metro VNI units.
  •  The Training Section is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all training within the Sheriff’s Office to include recruit training academies.  This section is also responsible for the development, implementation and administration of all Sheriff’s Office training programs as well as the coordination of all training through other agencies, institutions and providers.
  •  Professional Standards major function is the receiving, processing and investigation of complaints made against members of the Sheriff's Office.  To ensure public trust and maintain the integrity of the Sheriff's Office, the Professional Standards Unit conducts immediate, thorough and objective investigations of all complaints.
  •  Community Relations and Outreach Unit continuously strive to maintain open communication between law enforcement and the community we serve.  The unit was based on the recognition of the need for mutual understanding and cooperation to solve community and neighborhood problems.  Through effective relationships, community members learn about policing while law enforcement members learn about the policing needs of the community. 
  •  Support Services Manager
  •  Special Operations

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Division is responsible for supporting the statutory requirements of the Sheriff’s Office as it relates to wildland fire, which includes coordinating and insuring forest and prairie fire responses. The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for fire investigations in the unincorporated areas of El Paso County, providing for Search and Rescue, assisting with the counties Hazardous Materials Response Team.  We are also actively engaged in providing planning, preparation, and training for any emergency or disaster that affects the County. The El Paso County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)  is also supported by Sheriff’s office personnel, as well as several of our affiliated volunteer teams.

General Information

Fiscal Services Section encompasses the Finance Unit, Accreditation, and Fiscal Compliance. The Finance Section is comprised of four (4) major functional areas: Accounting/Finance, Budget, Payroll, and Grants Management, which, in conjunction, provide overall quality and integrity of the Sheriff’s Office financial management and control system. 

This Division has oversight of contracts / contracted services, such as food service and medical services provided within the Criminal Justice Center (CJC).  Our on-site contracted medical provider provides medical service inside CJC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days each year and is capable of performing general medical care and basic dental procedures.  When inmates require more extensive or intricate care, they are transported to an appropriate off-site medical facility, constantly remaining under direct supervision of at least one (1) deputy sheriff.   The Medical Section staff members include management staff, a physician, a nurse practitioner, RNs, LPNs, Certified Medical Assistants, Dentist, Dental Technician, medical records staff, Mental Health Clinicians, Psychiatrist and Mental Health Director.  Our on-site contracted food service provider prepares two (2) hot meals and one (1) sack lunch meal each day of the year.  Currently, operations have been diverted to a Mobile Kitchen set-up while our Kitchen undergoes renovations to the floor, ceiling and roof.  During Mobile Kitchen operations, our food service provider prepares one (1) hot meal and two (2) sack meals each day.  Renovations are anticipated for completion in mid-October 2015, at which time normal food preparation procedures will return.



General Information

The Media Relations Manager/Public Information Officer is responsible for the professional, creative, and technical work involved in the dissemination of information regarding the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, both externally and internally. External communication takes on a variety of forms, but primarily consists of media releases and information contained within the Sheriff’s Office website and social media channels. Internal communication is also multi-faceted and its importance cannot be overstated. With an agency as large as the Sheriff’s Office, insuring employees are well informed of matters concerning the Office is vital.

The Media Relations Manager/Public Information Officer has the important responsibility of serving as a liaison between the community and the Sheriff's Office. We continually strive to provide this service to our citizenry with the tenets of community oriented policing as the foundation of this section.  Specifically, she is responsible for the dissemination of accurate and timely public safety information to the community through media releases, social media, and various publications. By performing this service, we serve as the conduit through which the public is made aware of matters that are of interest to our community.  Reporters and news agencies provide an essential service by distributing information to citizens in a timely fashion, especially during a time of crisis. The Media Relations Manager/Public Information Officer helps build cooperative partnerships with the media and provide them with accurate and timely information.

General Information

The IT Section is a coordinated team that provides all facets of IT support to the Office. 

Our Mission: Provide the technology tools and support required by the Sheriff’s Office to meet its primary mission.  We are genuinely dedicated to professionalism, excellence, and competence. We believe in rapid response, open communication, and teamwork.

We are responsible for maintaining all of the technology operations including phones, printers, fax machines, computers, mobile devices and major software systems in use throughout the Office.

The members consist of the following positions:

IT Support Manager, Candace Ramsey-Blackburn sets direction and makes technology decisions that affect large the Office as a whole.  Ms. Ramsey-Blackburn works with vendors and other agencies to identify up and coming technologies that might prove useful, works with Command Staff to assist in meeting strategic goals utilizing technology and assists in the project management of various Enterprise-related systems.  Ms. Ramsey-Blackburn also directs support of the help desk working directly with County IT to ensure reliable systems throughout the Sheriff’s Office various locations and mobile devices.

IT Programs Manager, Garth Littrell provides direction to the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) on Enterprise System Projects that impact the services and availability of key system to the Sheriff’s Operations.  Mr. Littrell is responsible for reporting on key IT projects and their status, as well as developing and mentoring a Project Management Framework within the Office.

IT Project Manager & Application Support, Calvin Hedgeman ensures the major software systems and the technology that drives them are fully functional and support Office requirements.  Mr. Hedgeman is responsible for overseeing the implementation of new software systems within the Office and acting as liaison and project manager on key Enterprise systems.

Help Desk Technician, Skyla VanderHeiden, has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 5 years and originally was at the County Clerk and Recorder for 5 1/2 years.  She is responsible to answer inbound support requests, creates and manages the work orders with assignments and follow up, provides first line end user support, supports the BizHub print management systems, serves as liaison to the County Help Desk for various routine tasks, and assists with completing purchase paperwork.

IT Support Specialist - this position is responsible for the day to day end user support of all things computer related. Each Specialist is assigned a primary geographical area of responsibility (a building or complex) within the Office, becoming a subject matter expert in certain functional and technical operations performed at that site, as well as common technology functions performed across the entire Office. 

  • Office of the Sheriff (OTS), 27 E. Vermijo Avenue, Colorado Springs
    • Kelly Reckel has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 6 years, but was previously an employee with the El Paso County IT for a total of 12 years between both organizations.  He has worked at the CJC and has knowledge of various systems from server level to end-user environments.
    • Jennifer Schafer has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 4 years and in IT for 2 years.  She works on general support and also has currently been assigned to assist with the Body-Worn Camera project.
  • Criminal Justice Center (CJC),  2739 E. Las Vegas Street, Colorado Springs
    • Anthony Villamor has been with the Office for 7 years and has extensive knowledge of systems at both locations.  Currently he has worked on implementation of the mobile device management for the Office cellular SmartPhones for Criminal Justices Information Security.
    • Sam Mercer has been with the Office for 7 years and has worked at the OTS.  He has knowledge at system and server level and supports many of the audio/video and camera related issues.

Listed below are just a few of the software/hardware systems we support:

  • Jail Management System
  • NDE-x (Nation Data Exchange from the FBI)
  • Records Management System
  • Civil Process System
  • Offender Watch (sex offender registration and publication)
  • Mobile Data Computers
  • VisiNet Mobile (mobile dispatch application in patrol cars)
  • CJC video camera system and DVRs
  • Emergency Operations Center and Mobile Command technology systems
  • Cell phones and mobile data devices
  • Evidence Management System
  • Fleet Management System
  • Online Services (CopLogic, Crime Reports, Web Blotter)

For general IT and support issues, please contact us through our Help Desk at 719-520-7500 or via email at [email protected].

Candace Ramsey-Blackburn, IT Support Manager, can be reached directly at 719-520