Patrol CarsDeputy Rescuing Deer
Patrol CarsDeputy Rescuing Deer

Patrol Section

General Information

The Patrol Section is the heart of the Law Enforcement Bureau of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.  The Section is divided into three overlapping shifts more commonly known as Day Shift, Swing Shift and Mid Shift. The overlapping hours between these three shifts are strategically designed to ensure the community maximum law enforcement coverage during the hours of greatest need based on historical data and learned behavior. The Patrol Section also includes the Civil Unit, Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol and the Crime Analyst.

With the passing of 1A, this number of deputies assigned to the Patrol Section will be increasing significantly which will be visible to the community. This year and next will be challenging and exciting as we hire, train and deploy these additional deputies in support of the Sheriff’s Office mission. This additional manpower will allow the Patrol Section to be more proactive in its policing and prevention of crime. It will allow targeted enforcement and data driven deployment of our resources and allow deputies to spend more time investigating and solving crime rather than taking a report before dashing off to the next call for service or reported crime. Our goal is to prevent crime by deterring crime and arresting violators so they are unable to reoffend. Additional deputies will further allow our members to work directly with the public on preventive programs to reduce crime before it occurs by educating the residential and business communities how to make their properties more crime resistant.

These efforts are directly in line with, and originate from the Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.) philosophy. C.O.P is not a special program or unit, but a universal philosophy, which brings our community together. It is a proactive problem solving approach to law enforcement intended to increase the quality of life for citizens in the community by reducing crime. C.O.P. is accomplished by providing community based law enforcement services through the application of proactive and preventive enforcement strategies derived from partnerships within the community. It promotes the building of trusting relationships between the law enforcement officers and the community they serve. This helps to solve the problems that cause crime by working with agencies, organizations, businesses, and the citizens within the community to identify problems which may not be readily apparent to the law enforcement officer.

Shift Information

Day Shift Swing Shift Midnight Shift
Contact: Lieutenant Cheryl Peck
Phone: (719) 520-7277
Operation Hours: 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Contact: Lieutenant Rick McMorran
Phone: (719) 520-7137
Operation Hours: 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Contact: Lieutenant Willam Burns
Phone: (719) 520-7170
Operation Hours: 9:00 PM to 7:30 AM